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My name is Trons and I've created a program that helps you to improve your bettings on the roulette tables in the online Casinos.
After many different systematic methods iv'e mixed some of the systems and created this 2/3 system. The program helps you and recommends your amount of bets just to stay safe (you have the Odds on your side).

I have tried some betting programs like Roulette Sniper and they are all the same, when the Online Casino gets over 14 or 15 Red or Black you have lost, and that seems to happen very often for people like me. This system doesn't bet on Red or Black, only on 2/3rd and tripple so you definetly have the Odds on your side! Check it out:

First video im playing with real money and on the second one i try live roulette without betting.

Im playing with 30 euro, that is 0,1 euro in recommended wager. Its around 1 euro in 4 mins. When i hit 50 euro the recommended wager will rise to 0,2 euro. Every 25 euro it will rise 0,1 euro just to be as safe as possible. When you hit 250 euro, your recommended wager is at 1 euro. 10 wins = 10 euro. A tip is to play short rounds and decide how many wins per day you should win and the log out for the day. 10-20 wins per day sounds kind of low if you wager is 0,2 euro. But thats 4 euro per day, 120 euro per month. :)





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The first version of Trons Bet-Mate...


After lots of winnings in Unibet, the idea of making this program came up. Programming started.

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