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Keep track on roulette dealers signatures.

How to win at roulette

"No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn't looking."
— Albert Einstein

There is no way to predict the upcoming numbers on roulette if the numbers are completly random. With Betmate you can get an overview if the dealer has a signature. If the dealer have a specific signature, the upcoming numbers aren't completly random...

What is "dealers signature"?

Roulette calculator

Betmate is a roulette calculator/analyzer that helps you find the "dealers signatures" when playing roulette.

When discovering that the dealer has identical spins based on wheelspeed, throwstrength and direction, you can use it in your advantage.

Even the dealers think Betmate is good and that the predictions are impressing.

Betmate at the live casino

This is a sample of Betmate in action. On this videos you can see how Betmate works on Live-roulette dealers that are following the "dealers signature" pattern.

Betmate application

Betmate is available on IOS, Android and even in the webbrowser. The app is recommended for experienced roulette players, who knows how the dealers signature works. Many other systems can be combined using Betmate.